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Where to Go Fishing in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are located right at the edge of the six-mile deep Puerto Rico Trench, an area known for having some of the best game fishing in the world. Twenty-one world records in fishing have been set in the Virgin Islands including the still-standing IGFA Women’s ‘All-Tackle’ world record for Blue Marlin back in 1982—a whopping 1073 pounds! Monumental catches such as these are a testament to the excellent fishing opportunities anglers of all ages and experiences levels will find both inshore or offshore in the US Virgin Islands and we at Blue Sky Luxury Travels are here to make your trip one you certainly won’t forget. St. Thomas is home to several fishing tournaments throughout the year such as the Dolphin Derby in April, the Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament in July and the Wahoo Windup in November. It’s also one of the most renowned locations to catch Atlantic Blue Marlin and while Marlin fishing is fine year-round, the most optimal months are May through October. One of the best places to go fishing on the island of St. Thomas is in Red Hook. Offshore, you’ll find Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish and of course, Marlin. Stay closer

Planning the Perfect Kauai Vacation

Hawaii’s western-most island is home to picture-perfect white sand beaches, lush nature trails and tropical rainforests. You’ll experience sights that will take your breath away and create memories that will last a lifetime. And while we here at Blue Sky are committed to helping you have a seamless vacation from the moment you step off the plane, we thought that there are some destinations and attractions you should absolutely know about if you’re planning on visiting the Garden Isle. Most of Kauai’s appeal is on the coastline but there is one landmark inland you do not want to miss. Nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, Waimea Canyon was formed by erosion from the Waimea River and is about 10 miles long and up to 3,600 feet deep. The canyon is known for its gorgeous red, brown, and green color palette and is complemented by waterfalls and frequent rainbows. This geological wonder is truly unlike anything you’ll encounter in the whole of Hawaii and is home to hiking trails of various difficulties that wind through the canyon. While you’re on the west side of the island, head north and you’ll hit the famous Na Pali Coast—often hailed the “jewel of

Blue Sky Challenges St. John Businesses to Help Island’s Animals

If you know me, you know I love animals, and I’m always looking for ways to help them. My yellow lab Dakota was my constant companion on St. John for over a decade, and I just adopted an adorable shelter puppy named Bobo Blue. For years, I’ve supported The Animal Care Center of St. John, and this year I’m taking it up a notch with a big donation, and challenging other businesses to do the same. The Animal Care Center of St. John is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being and care of homeless, abandoned and abused animals on the island of St. John. This nonprofit started back in the 1960’s when concerned citizens united to find solutions to wild dog packs and feral cats on the island. At that time, there weren’t facilities for spaying and neutering, so both animals and people were suffering. Over time, the Animal Care Center of St. John has grown to provide a no-kill shelter for homeless animals. I love volunteering at the shelter’s adoption drives and I also help with their unique program that escorts homeless animals to the mainland United States, where they are adopted by families. Way back in

Necker Island is BACK!

I’ve spent many busy, blissful days at Necker Island, leading group trips and managing entertainment, and sometimes just enjoying connections and relaxation with friends.  It was heartbreaking to see the island in ruins after Hurricane Irma almost two years ago, but I’m happy to say that Necker is back in business. I took a group to Sir Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands a couple of months ago, and Necker is gorgeous and the lemurs are as playful as ever. After being shuttered in September 2017 after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma the luxurious resort has been completely restored and updated with new additions. Branson, who rode out the hurricane in the wine cellar with family and staff, has been very involved to support Unite BVI and the BVI community as the whole of the British Virgin Islands recover after the devastating storm. Now completely rebuilt, Necker Island offers an enhanced experience that’s ideal for corporate, social or family groups looking for a luxurious retreat. Ready for a new chapter, the Great House, where people come to dine, party or just relax together, has been completely re-created with the addition of 2 new rooms (11 rooms

Ten Questions to Ask Before Your Next Luxury Vacation Villa Rental

Here at Blue Sky Luxury Travels, we select only the best in villas, resorts, yacht charters and private islands for our discriminating guests. Our local team ensures quality and unique experiences as well as planning tailored and unique itineraries. When you’re making the decision of which villa is right for your island vacation, here are 10 important questions to consider: 1. What is the location of the villa? Is it located near a city or town or is it in a more rural area? Are there any shops nearby? Banks? Ferry boats? Asking the right questions about the area can help you get a better idea of the location you’re staying at and how accessible it will be to pick up any last-minute supplies or gifts. 2. What services and activities are offered? As an all-inclusive operation, Blue Sky offers a variety of services at most of our villas including private chefs, personal trainers, childcare professionals, massage therapists, tour guides, private transportation services, and more. We are able to tailor a dream vacation that is unique to your interests and desires. Experiences can include day charters for powerboats, catamarans, and sailboats, private jets, event planning, helicopter charters, excursions (guided hikes,

Private Islands & Resorts for Weddings, Reunions & Retreats in Fiji

When you’re planning a destination wedding, corporate retreat, sales incentive trip or even a family reunion, you want to choose an irresistible location that your guests will be thrilled to experience. Beautiful settings, exciting group activities, and luxurious accommodations are a must for essential gatherings like these. Our Blue Sky Luxury Travels team travels the world to find the very best for our clients. We recently traveled extensively in Fiji and found some incredible private islands and resorts that are ideal for large groups.  Please contact us at to start planning your once in a lifetime Fiji experience! As always we offer the best rates and there are no additional fees to book through us. It’s a win-win   Kokomo Private Island Fiji This spectacular Fiji private island resort is perfect for large groups. It sleeps up to 130 people, and groups can rent individual villas or buy out the entire island. Each villa comes with a BBQ area, full air conditioning, an infinity edge pool, two services per day by housekeeping and round the clock concierge service by their attentive staff. Exquisite dining is included, as is a private spa treatment and watersports. The island accommodates families as well, with complimentary

Five Hotspots for Fine Dining on St. John

Of all the Caribbean islands, I spend most of my time on St. John. It’s where I started my business, and this lush, verdant island with drop-dead gorgeous beaches will always have a piece of my heart. It’s a relatively small island, with just a couple of public resorts and a small town, Cruz Bay, where most of the restaurants are located. Most of our Blue Sky Luxury Travels clients stay in private villas on the island, and our team makes all of the arrangements for provisioning and private chefs so they can enjoy their meals without lifting a finger. We love helping clients find that special place for a big night out, and fine dining restaurants in St. John are perfect for anniversary, birthday and wedding celebrations. Here are some of my best restaurant recommendations for fine dining on St. John. One thing to remember with all of these establishments is that they fill up quickly, especially on weekends. Our team here at Blue Sky Luxury Travels can help you make your reservations in advance to secure your celebration destination. Extra Virgin Bistro Extra Virgin Bistro is perched on a hillside overlooking Cruz Bay, and it’s a bit away

Five Questions to Ask Before Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter

Many of our clients choose to spend all or part of their island vacation aboard a luxury yacht. Here at Blue Sky Luxury Travels, we are experts in yacht charters, so we know how to pair our clients with the perfect luxury yacht. We consider the age makeup of the group: whether it’s all adults, families with kids, or a multigenerational family reunion. Your ideal level of vacation activity is also important: some people just want to lay in the sun relaxing with a beautiful view, while others look for adrenaline-filled days of diving, fishing, jet-skiing, and kayaking. We always ask our clients how high a priority they place on fine dining, since some yacht charters offer elegant meals in refined dining rooms, while others focus on grilling up the catch of the day and taking meals on the deck. We present our clients with a curated selection of ideally matched luxury yachts for their consideration. When you’re making the decision of what yacht charter is right for your island vacation, here are the 5 most important questions to consider: 1. Where do you want to go? The Riviera, Italy, Fiji, The Greek Isles, the British Virgin Islands, the U.S.

A Day In the Life: What Does a Luxury Concierge Service Actually DO?

Blue Sky Luxury Travels is based in the Caribbean and creating vacation experiences for clients in stunning destinations all over the world. We make a point of visiting each property that we represent, and we love to share our discoveries so we post photos every day of beautiful destinations and luxury experiences. We know it may all look like fun and games, island-hopping in Fiji, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands, but we promise, we are actually hard at work! Since so many people have asked, we wanted to share what a day in the life is for Shanna Dickerson, the CEO of Blue Sky Luxury Travels. Shanna stays in different islands and towns all over the world, but wherever she is, she makes sure to keep to her schedule and make sure that all of her clients’ needs are cared for. So here’s what a day in the life of Shanna really looks like: 6am     Shanna rises early and meditates for twenty minutes to get her head straight for the day. Next, she heads straight for the coffee machine for a nice hot cup of coffee. She checks her phone for any urgent client messages and looks

Popular Belize Landmarks

The sunny sky, warm water, and beautiful white sand beaches are reason enough to visit Belize. This small Caribbean nation has so much more to offer though. Here we will outline some of the most popular land attractions you must visit while in Belize. Caracol Located 500 meters (1,650 ft) above sea level, Caracol is the largest Mayan site in Belize. The Caracol Mayan Ruins consist of 35,000 buildings that used to be a large Mayan city around 650 AD with an estimated population of almost 200,000, which is more than twice the size of the Belize City population today. Most of this ancient city is underground, but a small fraction of buildings left on the surface talks about the city’s majesty. The largest structure is the pyramid Canaa, meaning “Sky Place,” at 43 meters (143 ft), which is the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize. From the top one can see all the way to Guatemala. Caracol Mayan Ruins is also home of a variety of wildlife, such as ocellated turkey, keel-billed toucans, and the legendary mot-mot. Lamanai Once a major city of the Mayan civilization, Lamanai is a popular archaeological site, located in northern Belize. Getting here

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