Choosing a Private Island for your Corporate Retreat


Corporate event planners are increasingly choosing private islands for incentive trips, corporate retreats, and executive planning sessions. Here at Blue Sky Luxury Travels, we are seeing a lot of companies making this choice, and it’s a trend that makes a lot of sense. In the time of the American financial crisis of 2008, traditional large-scale corporate events were going away in favor of smaller groups getting together. Once the crash hit, the presence of corporate retreats diminished as it just didn’t look right to be spending thousands of dollars on seemingly frivolous activities like yoga retreats and shark diving. As companies have begun to reemerge, though, they’ve resumed the practice of rewarding their employees with smaller group actives that have an emphasis on bonding. These old-but-new retreats are centered around contributing to a company’s long-term success.


Avoiding large metropolitan cities can have great benefits for hosting productive corporate retreats. By staying away from the noise and distractions of a city, you can get more done and provide better opportunities for your team to get to know one another. Companies are finding that more personalized corporate retreats set in natural surroundings prove to be more constructive. Instead of the same old team-building challenges in the forest or trust exercises on a rope ladder, indulge yourself and spoil your employees with a tropical getaway!


A private island is great for companies, especially those that want something secluded and ultra-luxurious. They offer a totally unique experience and can be the perfect setting for a company retreat as they allow you to reward your employees, encourage team building and motivate your staff to be inspired by the idyllic settings that surround them. After all, people work best when they’re happy and who wouldn’t be happy while staying on a private island?


In a private island villa, each person typically gets their own room and most often their own bathroom, while the whole team can gather in comfortable living areas, cook in a high-end kitchen, or relax in a hot tub. When all the planning details are taken care of for you, you get to focus on what’s truly important: building great work relationships. There will also always be wait staff ready to pamper you to your heart’s content.

When choosing a private island for your retreat, a number of factors must be considered. First, you need to choose an island that your company can comfortably afford. Private islands are notorious for being expensive, but who can complain given their rarity and the luxury and privacy that guests enjoy? That being said, there are a number of resorts that are more within reach than you’d think. Call us for rates or simply submit a Booking Inquiry Form on any of our Private Island pages.


Secondly, the location of the island matters. Usually, private islands are found in warm, tropical areas, although there are some that can be found in drier climates. You want to choose a location that fits the climate you’re expecting. Confirm expected weather conditions are fair so that nothing interrupts your company’s perfect island getaway.

Blue Sky Luxury Travels’ private islands are located in amazingly beautiful tropical destinations. Your guests will want to come as soon as they hear keywords like “Fiji” or “Bahamas” or “the Caribbean”. They’re sure to be looking forward to the trip even if it is a working vacation. Contact us to make your 2020 corporate retreats something truly special!

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