How I Stay Fit on the Road


One of the things that people most often ask me is how I stay in shape while traveling so much. When I’m at my home base in Charleston, South Carolina, I play lots of tennis and lift weights at the gym. But for most of the year, I’m island hopping, staying in private villas in the Caribbean and meeting with clients. I love to kayak, hike the trails of St. John, and go stand-up paddle boarding, but none of those things really build muscle tone. That’s why I’ve developed a bodyweight fitness routine that I can do anywhere. The only equipment I need is a pair of athletic shoes and a towel. Oh, and a great energizing playlist!



Here’s how I do it. I turn on the music and set a timer for 25 minutes, then fold a towel into a rectangle and place it on the floor. I alternate a variety of exercises for different muscle groups, changing up the choices each time. I do each move for 25 reps then move on immediately to the next.

I just pick one from each group to keep challenging my muscles.

Legs: Squats, lunges, wall squats, jump squats
Upper body: push-ups, superman lifts, back v’s, handstand jumps
Abs: bicycle crunches, planks, v-sits, reverse crunches

The key is to keep moving for the whole 25 minutes. I’ve found that this workout keeps me toned and strong even when I can’t get to a gym for weeks on end. I’ve compiled a few of my exercises into this video so you can see how it works.


I always pack my favorite workout clothes to make my routine something to look forward to. Here are a few of my favorites that you’ll see in the video:

I love Athleta Tops, they’re cute, sporty, and supportive yet feminine. They come in lots of colors to keep it interesting. I like the Transcendence Bra top, the fabric is soft and breathable, and the strappy back is fun. The Powervita Hyper Focused Bra is another favorite, with a cool strap design and a wide range of colors.

Oiselle Tights are a staple for me- they are super-functional, with hip pockets and a lightweight fabric that stretches with every move. I like that they have a zippered pocket for my phone. That’s a workout essential for me since I like to bring it with me to the gym while keeping my hands free.

And I never leave home without my Nike training shoes. I like the Flex 7 Training shoe since it’s lightweight and packable, but super-supportive so I can use it not only for my daily strength training but also for hiking. Plus, they’re cute enough to wear for a walk around town, and they can handle the hilly paths of St. John. If you’re looking for more Caribbean fashion and lifestyle tips, please check out our new Instagram account: Blue Sky Luxury Living.

I’m always looking for new ideas to stay in shape while traveling. Do you have a favorite way to work out on the road? Let me know in the comments!

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