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Reduced Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers: The Bahamas, BVI, and Greece

The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Greece are some of the countries offering benefits and exclusive entrance to travelers who have been fully vaccinated! Full vaccination means it has been at least two weeks since receiving both doses of a two-dose vaccine, or one shot of a single-dose vaccine like Johnson and Johnson. Bahamas Vaccinated travelers are no longer required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test for entry into the Bahamas! In lieu of the test, proof of vaccination is uploaded to the Bahamas Health Visa.  La Palmeraie: Nine Bedroom on Harbour Island Situated on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, La Palmeraie is a 9 bedroom luxury villa with a stunning oceanfront location. It sits right on a gorgeous pink sand beach and is surrounded by lush tropical landscaping. Here you will enjoy the privacy of a luxury villa combined with the comfort and services of a five star resort. Rates Begin at $72,000 per week. Middle Cay: Luxurious Private Island Situated just off the coast of Harbour Island, Middle Cay is a two-acre private island with five-star amenities, making it the ultimate secluded getaway. There are two homes – the main house with four bedrooms and a cottage

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Blue Sky Luxury Travels Partners with Magellan Jets

It’s time to celebrate! Blue Sky Luxury Travels has officially partnered with Magellan Jets to add one more layer of luxury to your travels! Especially during Covid, our clients have been requesting this expansion into private air travel, and we listened. Within our partnership, Magellan offers access to a premium network of the highest quality aircraft and flight crews. The company maintains the highest safety standards and each flight is monitored by an expert operations team. At Blue Sky, we have enjoyed the privacy, convenience, and comfort of traveling on board these private jets and are excited to extend that experience to our clients as well. We make it easy to choose and book a private jet perfectly suited to you. A key deciding factor is jet size. Here are the different options: Heavy: Designed with a large group of passengers in mind (12+). These provide the most comfortable and luxurious experience and can fly long distances non-stop with a 5000+ mile range. Super-Mid: Extremely popular size for private jets. Can accommodate up to nine passengers and are designed to be very fast, good for 4000 mile range. Mid-size: Accommodates 3-5 guests. Flies at speeds slightly slower than the super-mid

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The Year For A Luxurious Destination Wedding in St. Thomas or St. John, US Virgin Islands

This year, we are seeing an influx of weddings, as many had been postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, as we dive into the year 2021, it seems like the new wedding trend is “destination weddings.” With COVID-19 still around, this has been the perfect opportunity for couples to indulge in their biggest wedding dreams: having a warm and tropical setting to say “I do.”  One tropical place, in particular, that comes to mind is the U.S. Virgin Islands. The USVI is a stunning destination and is easily accessible because of the many direct flights from the states. Another great access advantage is that there is no need for a passport. That’s right! You only need a driver’s license to access this gorgeous island!  So now that we’ve gone over access, it is essential to think about the next steps. It can be frightening to think about everything that goes along with a wedding,  however, with Blue Sky Luxury Travels, we are there with you every step of the way to make planning for your big day “easy breezy.” We are here to help organize all of your accommodations, services, transportation, activities, etc. These can be anything from

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New Covid-19 Testing Requirements for International Travel

As of January 26, 2021, a negative Covid-19 test is required for all passengers returning to the United States from abroad. That includes those flying on a private jet or a charter flight (we checked). Still, if you want to avoid the hassle of taking a Covid-19 test prior to boarding your flight home, we have a solution: U.S. Virgin Islands! USVI is ranked #1 in Best Caribbean Beaches and both St. John and St. Thomas are full of beautiful vistas, water activities, dining experiences, etc. Best part is that as territories of the United States, the USVI are not considered an international destination and as such, a Covid-19 test is not required to return to the states! *NOTE: traveling to the USVI does require a negative Covid-19 test taken within 5 days of landing. We make this easy to obtain due to our partnerships with a physician in Florida who can provide our clients with in-home PCR testing kits with a 24-hour turnaround time. In addition, we also work with a medical practice out of North Carolina who can assist you with testing via video conferencing. Also, don’t overlook destination spots within the states! These easy access places like

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Our Favorite Dive Sites in Turks and Caicos

Hello, Blue Sky Inner Circle! Pristine beaches, luxurious villas, and proximity to the U.S east coast, make the islands of Turks and Caicos an ideal tropical getaway. What not everyone knows, is that the white sand beaches are formed by the healthy reef systems just under the surface! These reefs are spectacular and designate Turks and Caicos a diver’s paradise! Turks and Caicos is surrounded by 340 miles of barrier reef —- naturally, there are countless dive spots to explore. With 100+ feet of visibility and warm water temperatures year-round, you’ll want to hit them all. For now, we have compiled some of our favorites! French Cay is teeming with marine life and has one of the most drastic walls! It begins at 40 feet and has both sheer and sloped drops 6000 feet into the abyss. The reefs here are very healthy and high sunlight makes for massive coral growth. This attracts tons of fish, and in turn larger sea-life with frequent sightings of sharks, grouper, eagle rays, and turtles. Diver is face-to-face with a large grouper The Hole in the Wall lives up to its name and is a very unique experience. This “hole” has room for one

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Merriest Destinations to Spend Christmas & New Year’s Eve

It’s holiday time and for my friends in the northern hemisphere, that means a continuation of frightful or at least chilly weather. If the cold is finally getting to you, you may want to consider spending the holidays in a sunny destination next year! Many ideal tropical destinations have very unique traditions to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. With Blue Sky’s vast selection of villas, we can find a place to accommodate any group whether that is your entire extended family or a more intimate winter escape. Here is our selection of the best tropical destinations that host celebrations and festivities to make Christmas and New Year’s Eve feel extra special! Best Destinations for Christmas Kauai Holiday activities in Kauai are light-hearted and great for families. Holiday spirit on the island kicks off with the Lights on Rice Christmas Parade held on the first friday in December. Each year the parade has grown with the most recent having over 3000 performers. The Annual Waimea Lighted Christmas Parade occurs mid-December. Also, Smith Family Garden hosts a Christmas Eve Luau complete with an open bar, dinner, and classic performance hosted by a family over generations. Performers dancing in the Smith Family Garden

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I have been receiving many questions regarding travel restrictions to the British Virgin Islands since they reopened on Dec 1st.  Let me walk you through these easy steps to ensure awareness and safety for your next trip to the BVIs. Covid Procedures for the British Virgin Islands Before and During Your Stay Five days before you land at Tortola (airport code EIS) airport, you must have a negative PCR Covid test.  Forty eight hours before your flight departs, you must upload your test results and other information into BVI’s online portal. Once uploaded, a Travel Authorization Certificate will then be sent to allow you to travel into the Tortola airport. This process is similar to the current protocols in the Bahamas. When you land on Tortola, there is an entirely different welcoming procedure than other Caribbean islands. First of all you will again have to take another PCR Covid Test. After taking the test, the only requirement is to go straight to your villa or yacht and quarantine for four days.  You will also be given you a tracking wristband, which will need to be worn during your entire stay on the island. This is not the end of the

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If you are looking for a secluded and private villa while also needing space to allow for social distancing for you and your guests, Jumby Bay’s accommodations will satisfy both. This private island paradise is home to multiple luxurious villas, including one that possesses over 10 acres of land and beautiful tropical gardens. A second villa comes with a private 6,000 square feet pool and a quiet dining pavilion alongside the pool, giving you your own tropical paradise. These villas are exactly what you and your guests need in order to stay healthy during the pandemic while also being immersed in the beauty of nature. Imagine the slight rustle of the tropical breeze through the palm trees while listening to the calming waves crashing on the pristine white sandy beaches. Stay Safe at Jumby Bay In order to keep you and your guests safe while visiting Jumby Bay, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has put multiple protocols into place for every new visitor. A few requirements include that any arriving passengers must have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within seven days of their flight. All passengers must also complete a Health Declaration Form and will be screened with

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We are SO excited about the re-opening of The Bahamas on Nov. 1st without any mandatory quarantines or vacations-in-place. Blue Sky’s owner, Shanna Dickerson, will be heading to these islands on Nov. 6th so she will be able to share with us details of her experience.  The Details of the Test and Procedures New protocols will be set to follow for all visitors to the island, as well as any returning citizens and residents. These consist of obtaining a RT-PCR (swab) test within 5 days prior to travel to The Bahamas. To increase the safety of this opening, the Government is also implementing a rapid antigen test upon arrival, as well as another test 4 days (96 hours) after guests arrive in The Bahamas. Children under the age of 10 years, as well as pilots and crew members of commercial airlines, who remain overnight in The Bahamas, are the only people that are exempt from obtaining the test. Once you have received a negative result from the COVID-19 RT-PCR test, all travelers must apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa on this website: This is where the required test must be uploaded. The cost of the Health Travel Visa

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COVID and Travel Cancellations | How To Protect Your Travel Plans

Generali Travel Insurance As you might already know, I love to travel as much as my clients do. Whether it is relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Fiji or eating the best local seafood on St. Barths, I love experiencing the best tropical destinations on our planet.  Although, this year has made it exceedingly difficult on travelers all over the world in regards to COVID.  With some research, I have found a travel insurance plan that will ease your mind about traveling during this pandemic.  The insurance company is Generali Travel Insurance ( How Does a COVID Insurance Policy Work? Generali’s plans make it simple for all travelers as well as their guests. Their plan allows you to name the specific people on the trip. If one of those individuals tests positive for COVID you will be able to file a claim for a partial refund. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Their plan does not include if you are scared to travel 2. Their plan doesn’t include if a destination closes its borders In case the resort does happen to shut down, you will need to go directly to the villa owner or

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