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Blue Sky Luxury Travels Partners with Magellan Jets

It’s time to celebrate! Blue Sky Luxury Travels has officially partnered with Magellan Jets to add one more layer of luxury to your travels! Especially during Covid, our clients have been requesting this expansion into private air travel, and we listened. Within our partnership, Magellan offers access to a premium network of the highest quality aircraft and flight crews.

The company maintains the highest safety standards and each flight is monitored by an expert operations team. At Blue Sky, we have enjoyed the privacy, convenience, and comfort of traveling on board these private jets and are excited to extend that experience to our clients as well.

We make it easy to choose and book a private jet perfectly suited to you. A key deciding factor is jet size. Here are the different options:

  • Heavy: Designed with a large group of passengers in mind (12+). These provide the most comfortable and luxurious experience and can fly long distances non-stop with a 5000+ mile range.

  • Super-Mid: Extremely popular size for private jets. Can accommodate up to nine passengers and are designed to be very fast, good for 4000 mile range.

  • Mid-size: Accommodates 3-5 guests. Flies at speeds slightly slower than the super-mid and has a lower range at 1500 miles.
  • Light: Small and speedy, best for the private flier who travels from city-to- city in a range of 700-2000 miles.

Magellan Jets flies out of any location but here are general starting prices for our most requested roundtrip destinations:

*As an added benefit, we will extend $ 2,500 in flight credits towards any private flights*

Roundtrip From Charlotte NC →

Roundtrip From New York City →

Aspen CO:

Turks and Caicos:

Heavy jet: $50,000

Heavy jet: $45,000

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands:

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands:

Super-mid: $45,000

Super-mid: $45,000

Heavy jet: $52,000

Heavy jet: $52,000

Roundtrip From Houston TX →

Roundtrip From Miami →

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands:

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands:

Super-mid: $50,000

Super-mid: $35,000

Heavy jet: $62,000


My team and I make it easy for you to get to your vacation destination on board a private jet. Let us help you book your next (or first of many) on-demand charter flights!


Shanna Dickerson
Owner & CEO
Blue Sky Luxury Travels

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