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As you might already know, I love to travel as much as my clients do. Whether it is relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Fiji or eating the best local seafood on St. Barths, I love experiencing the best tropical destinations on our planet. 

Although, this year has made it exceedingly difficult on travelers all over the world in regards to COVID. 

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With some research, I have found a travel insurance plan that will ease your mind about traveling during this pandemic.  The insurance company is Generali Travel Insurance (

How Does a COVID Insurance Policy Work?

Generali’s plans make it simple for all travelers as well as their guests.

Their plan allows you to name the specific people on the trip. If one of those individuals tests positive for COVID you will be able to file a claim for a partial refund.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Their plan does not include if you are scared to travel

2. Their plan doesn’t include if a destination closes its borders

In case the resort does happen to shut down, you will need to go directly to the villa owner or the management company. Most of the time, the villa owner or the management company will allow you to rebook up to a year in advance. But with this, also keep in mind what season your travel plans are booked for. 

If your original booking is in low season you would be able to easily rebook for the next year during the low season. However, if you wanted to rebook next year during the high season, you would need to pay the difference in price.

Take A Deep Breath About Your Next Travel Plans

Overall, these backup alternatives should give future travelers some cushion and less worry about losing their travel plan opportunity due to COVID. If you do end up testing positive and must cancel your plans, the Generali Travel Insurance plan will be able to get some of your money back.

For updated COVID travel restrictions listed by destination click here:

So, take a deep breath and let your worries fade away. Let us help start planning your next travel destination either by land or sea!

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