Why Choose a Villa Instead of a Hotel

Like most things in life, vacations are all about getting the most bang for your buck. That’s especially important when it comes to your accommodations abroad. Ritz Carltons and Four Seasons are very nice but you actually get so much more for about the same price if you stay in a villa instead. No matter your budget, it’s really easy to find a villa for a reasonable price—wherever you’re traveling. Here are some of the reasons you should choose a villa over a hotel to make the most out of your getaways.

First and foremost, a villa will have a lot more square footage than a hotel room. At a five-star hotel like the Four Seasons, a lower rate room will be about $500 a night to sometimes over $1000 a night. Spending $1000 a night for a villa will give you access to at least two bedrooms, among many other rooms—increasing your overall square footage.


One of those rooms is a full private kitchen. Having access to a kitchen is super convenient. It allows you to make breakfast in the morning and not have to worry about getting up early for a reservation and also gives you the opportunity to cook in at least one of the nights during your stay. What a lot of travelers like to do, though, is hire a private chef to do the cooking for them. Private chefs can work with your tastes and preferences to cook delicious, healthy meals for you, your family and your friends. Many of my clients like to have a private chef experience at least one night during their stay.

Booking a villa will also give you access to your own private pool. Many hotels don’t have an Adult Only pool, so if you’re traveling sans children, having a pool all to yourself can be a really wonderful option. However, if there is a hotel in the area that has amenities you want to take advantage of, a lot of them will still allow you to buy a day pass, giving you access to their spa, their pool (if you wanted) and their gym. You most likely won’t even need a day pass to enjoy their casual to fine dining restaurants which nicer hotels like the Four Seasons typically have three to four of.

If you want complimentary access to these amenities, a lot of high-end hotel chains like the Four Seasons have will local villas available for booking in their rental programs. However, large hotel chains will normally raise the prices on these villas—sometimes as much as an additional $2000 a night. That’s one of many reasons why going through a villa management company can make your vacation planning a lot easier. They can even pre-stock your villa with groceries or assist you in booking a rental car, among many other services. Most of them also come with a private concierge that can help you meet all your needs.

Villas can bring a whole new dimension to your holiday and make it all the more memorable for everyone involved. We at Blue Sky Luxury Travels offer the best rate guarantee with no booking fees. To make your reservation, call us at 615.604.2447 or fill out a Booking Inquiry Form on our Luxury Villas page.

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