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Master - Dimitris Argirakis
Born in Greece in 1961, Dimitris started his career in 1979 as a youngster on board the cruise ship Pegasus of Royal Olympic Cruises. He stayed with the company for 22 years, having attained the position of Captain Class A in 1995. His experience on the high seas is extensive, having traveled worldwide. In 2003, he joined our team, and although we lost him for a few years to the Royal Olympic, we are happy to have him back with us as the master of our team. Dimitris' devotion to work ensures the safety of our guests. His hobbies are diving and skiing.

Chief Engineer - Makis Mandolas
Makis has been with us since the beginning of the major refit in 2009, so needless to say, he knows the yacht front to back. Born in 1958, Makis finished the Merchant Marine Academy of Greece in 1980 and has ever since been on passenger vessels. His hobbies are anything mechanical!

2nd Engineer - Alexandros Panagiotopoulos
Born in Greece, Alexandros entered the yachting industry in 2004. Having completed his marine studies, he graduated from the Mercantile Marine Academy of Skaramaga (Greece) in 1976. He later commenced his career as a third engineer in shipping, an industry where he remained for more than 20 years. Highly experienced and hard working, Alexandros loves to read, listen to music and is a cinema enthusiast.

Hotel Manager - Yiannis Giannelis
Born in Greece in 1966, Yiannis is considered amongst the best Hotel Managers in the world. Now entering his fourth season with us, Yiannis brings with him tremendous experience, having served as Hotel Manager for three years with the Privatsea Group aboard the 120 m Turama and Alexander, followed by six years on board the 72 m RM Elegant. He is a perfectionist and always ensures the success of his charters. His motto is to make everything possible for his guests.

Executive Chef - Simone Simoncini
Born in Italy in 1962, Simone has been with us for four years now. His experience comes from working in the industry for many years. Simone started at the Grand Hotel la Pacce in Monte Catine and remained there for eight years. He then opened his own restaurant in Florence, which he ran for 10 years. He specializes in Italian cuisine, but is happy to cater to any of our guests' culinary desires. His hobbies include fishing and football.

Sous Chef - Charalambos Tasiopoulos
Born in Greece in 1977, Charalambos has been working in the yachting industry since 2011 on board M/Y Sahab IV. He has a lot of experience as a chef in restaurants and hotels, and is very hard working and cooperative. Charalambos has proven himself to be a team player who is very efficient under demanding working conditions.

Stewardess - Tetiana Zymenko
Tetiana was born in the Ukraine in 1986 and has been in yachting since 2013. She has gained valuable experience having worked at M/Y Delma and M/Y Topaz, which makes her stand out for her professionalism and impeccable work ethic. Tetiana always makes sure that the guests are enjoying themselves on board. She joined our crew in 2016 and is known to provide exceptional, friendly and fast service.

Stewardess - Juaiyhmah Vitor Lalic
Born in the Philippines, Juaiyhmah joined the yachting industry in 2009, gaining experience on board yachts like M/Y Alexander, M/Y Turama and M/Y Al Mirqab before joining our team in 2012. Juaiyhmah has a passion for what she does and will be happy to make your stay as relaxing and memorable as possible.

Stewardess - Aneliya Toncheva
Born in Bulgaria in 1983, Aneliya entered the yachting industry as a laundry stewardess in 2014 on board M/Y Tueq. She then worked on board M/Y The Jewel as a stewardess. Aneliya speaks fluent English and is very efficient, hard working and responsible.

Assistant Steward - Michael Jeane P. Rosario
Born in the Philippines, Michael has been working with us since 2011 as an assistant steward. He works very well with the rest of the crew and is always eager to be as helpful as possible.

Wiper - Georgios Akritidis
Born in Greece in 1976, Georgios has been with us since 2013. He has proven to be a hard working and reliable crew member with an excellent attention to detail. Georgios loves cars and motorbikes, as well as gardening.

Oiler - Manolo Mariquit Maghinay
Born in the Philippines in 1966, Manolo has a diploma form Misamis Institute of Technology Associate in Marine Engineering. He has worked in the yachting industry since 1986. Manolo is very cooperative with the rest of the crew, always hard working and there to help.

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